Must Watch Shows on National Geographic for Pet Lovers

If you have a pet then chances are you’re an animal lover. Pets come in all shapes, sizes, varieties. From the tried and true man’s best friend to the homely cat, to the exotic monkey or hedgehog, having pets has been a mainstay of humans for centuries. Take a minute to check out these shows that will surely interest any pet owner, and may even have you thinking about the next pet you should own.


The Incredible Dr. Pol

If you love Grey’s Anatomy, and you’re a pet owner, you’ll fall head over heels in love with this series on Nat Geo Wild. With over 100,000 patients Dr. Pol is a vet who will stop at nothing to treat his patients, large and small. Specializing in large farm animals, Dr. Pol has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to treating the patients under his care. Not only does the good doctor put in long 14-hour days, his expertise, care, and passion have made him a legend in rural Michigan. Get ready to watch the Dr. Pol perform miracles, treat the untreatable, and overall care for any and all majestic and lovely creatures.

Airs Fridays at 2:00/1:00 pm central.


Dog Whisperer


He’s the most famous dog trainer in the world, and he hasn’t slowed down since the first episode of Dog Whisperer. With spin off shows such as Cesar 911 and Leader of the Pack, it’s no wonder Cesar Millan’s shows would be some of the most popular to debut on Nat Geo Wild’s Channel. Viewers watch and learn the best way to train, approach, and maintain happy and healthy relationships with their dogs. The king of dog training has mastered everything from territorial Chihuahuas to food insecure Labradors, no dog is too big or too small for Cesar to train. Be sure to tune in and learn a few of the master’s tricks.


Check local listing times for information.


Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet


Dr. Oakley is not your typical vet. In fact, Dr. Oakley is so far from your typical vet she may need an entirely new label. Watch as Dr. Oakley travels throughout Alaska’s wild Yukon treating some of the wildest animals known to man. There is no passion greater than this woman willing to risk her life to treat some of nature’s finest creations. Throughout the show, Dr. Oakley can be seen treating everything from Alaskan Malamutes set to run the Iditarod, bears, elks, and even reindeer. There’s never a dull moment with this show, so make sure to check out the passion of this lone wild animal savior. Did we mention she’s often treating them with whatever she has on hand? Completely worth the watch.


Airs Saturdays 8:00/7:00 pm central.


The Secret Life of Dogs


Have you ever wondered what lies beneath those puppy eyes? Ever wondered what your dog thought of you? In today’s society dogs are so ubiquitous it’s easy to never think about what goes on inside a dog’s brain. In this series we delve deep into a dog’s psychology, learning not only the reason for their behavior but understanding their evolution as a species. Learn about all the things that make dogs extraordinary in this series.


Check local listings times for information. For farming TV shows, stay tuned for our next article. You’ll learn more about strawberry plant soil requirements with this upcoming show!